Transportation Services

Is Injury Care EMS ambulance service an emergency service?

Injury Care EMS can respond urgently when you have a family member, patient or resident that needs to go to the Emergency Department because of things like illness, falls or minor cut that won’t stop bleeding. By calling Injury Care, instead of 911, you can help reduce taxing the local 911 service and avoid the 911-related hassles (delayed response due to greater emergencies or the entire Fire Department showing up).

We are there for you when it may not be appropriate to call 911 (because the problem is not life-threatening), but the patient needs to be transported by ambulance.

Can Injury Care EMS do Inter-Facility Medical Transportation for acute, long-term, short term, & skilled nursing facility care?

Injury care EMS provides the most professional and courteous paramedic service in the industry. That’s one reason we are the preferred ambulance transportation company for both St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus hospital systems in southwest Idaho. If you need to get a patient or a resident from your facility to a hospital, taken in for diagnostic testing, or even transported to be evaluated by a physician or for specialized treatment, we can take care of it. Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Air ambulance for long distance transports
  • Quick response to care/independent living facilities for immediate transports to emergency departments
  • Scheduled transports
  • Hospice patients
  • Bariatric patients
  • Ventilator patients
  • Wait and return (for those patients who need to be brought back to your facility)
  • Psychiatric patients (voluntary and involuntary holds)
  • Participating providers with all major insurance companies, including Medicaid/Medicare and workers’ compensation (both state and federal)
  • Competitive pricing for transports not covered by insurance

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For more information or to schedule transportation please call:

Dispatch (208) 914-3846