Reserve Program

This program is designed for those persons who wish to staff ambulances as volunteers, without pay, during athletic/public event standbys, Public Relations Events, when Regular Staff needs coverage, when there is a disaster and at such other times and circumstances as may be deemed appropriate by ICEMS.

The goal of the Program is to create and maintain a pool of Professional, Ready, Innovative, Dedicated and Excellent volunteers to supplement the activities of the Regular Staff of ICEMS. A Reserve Staff member shall, as far as practical, be treated as if they were a Regular Staff with all of the rights, duties and responsibilities of Regular Staff with the exception of pay and benefits. The optimal number of Reserves should generally not exceed 15 Active Reserves.  This program is not intended to replace Regular Staff but rather to be a support resource for ICEMS and ICEMS Regular Staff.
This program is not intended to address or limit the ability of personnel within the county to respond to emergencies but is intended to increase the response capabilities of ICEMS.

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