Industrial Medical Services

When immediate assistance is critical, Injury Care EMS is already on-site. Whether you work in hazardous environments, remote locations, need enhanced safety measures, or simply need to meet contract requirements, Injury Care EMS is your solution. For over a decade, we have been providing expert care for the sick and injured in challenging settings, serving contractors, the extraction industry, the energy sector, the Federal Government, and more.

Our team of skilled professionals responds promptly with life-saving medications, equipment, and the comprehensive training, skills, and experience necessary to save lives. Injury Care EMS recognizes that minor illnesses or injuries can escalate when standard medical care is inaccessible, which is why we are equipped to provide treatment on-site.

In addition to exceptional care for sick or injured employees and contractors, Injury Care EMS collaborates with you to develop or enhance safety protocols and interventions, such as immunizations, to prevent incidents before they occur helping to avoid investigations, shutdowns and reduce workers compensation rates.

Navigating regulations, bureaucracies, and oversight can be daunting. Let Injury Care EMS enhance your safety profile and mitigate the impact of incidents. With Injury Care EMS, your company doesn’t have to wait for help – we’re always there for you.

Remote area medical transport

Medical Emergency Services:

  • Customized services to meet every need and budget
  • Highest level of care available outside a hospital
  • On-site ambulance
  • 24/7 physician support
  • First aid stations
  • Clinics for illness or injury
  • Medication dispensing for common illnesses and injuries
  • Detailed documentation and reporting

Cost Effective Health Care:

  • Keep your crew onsite and working
  • Improve outcomes
  • Programs may reduce workers compensation premiums
  • Limit liability
  • Reduce downtime
  • Coordination of regional medical resources
  • Enhance health and safety programs
  • Screening tests
  • Physician owned and supervised