Air Ambulance

Ground Transportation

Proudly providing Air Ambulance and Ground Ambulance for the Northwest since 2009. We are the patient transportation experts.

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Idaho’s Most Trusted Private Ground & Fixed-wing Air Ambulance Patient Transport Company – Serving the Pacific Northwest

Private Ground Ambulance

Boise private ambulance service

When it may not be appropriate to call 911 (problem is not life-threatening), but the patient needs to be transported by ambulance.

Air Transportation Service

Serving the Pacific and inland northwest out of Boise, Idaho, with a full range of air ambulance services and commercial medical escorts.

Wheelchair & Gurney

wheelchair transportation Boise ID

Providing professional, non-emergency door-to-door transportation to the elderly and disabled.

Wildland Fire Support

Licensed for Federally-managed fires in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Remote Area Medical Services

Medical emergency services and on-site clinics for visitors or workers in remote, rugged, back-country conditions.

Event Medical Services

Stand-by medical care for concerts, sports, festivals: EMS services for any size event or budget.

Idaho’s most trusted private ground and fixed-wing air patient transport company

We are the largest private ambulance company in Idaho, serving the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to Salt Lake City and beyond. Our healthcare partners have relied on us for ten years to safely transport patients between facilities. Acute care hospitals, home health agencies, long-term care facilities, air ambulance companies and the federal government all call on Injury Care EMS when they need quality emergency medical services.

  • Licensed to provide the highest level of ambulance care – local & long distance.
  • Serving Idaho and the Pacific Northwest for fixed-wing air ambulance transports.
  • More patient transports than any other private service in Idaho.
  • Company with the most EMS personnel on wildland fires in Idaho and surrounding states.
  • Providing EMS services for Idaho’s premier events, remote areas & facilities.
  • Providing non-medical wheelchair or gurney transportation for the elderly or disabled patients.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Received Critical Care Certification from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – of which only 10% of Idaho EMS Transport Companies have this designation.
  • Committed to providing the highest quality of care.