Wildland Fire Support

Injury Care EMS is the trusted source for standby medical care; and for BLS, ALS and Critical Care transports. We provide the emergency medical personnel, equipment, and expertise that Government Agencies require to fulfill their missions safely, effectively and efficiently.

About Our Wildland Fire Services

  • Wildland Fire and Disaster Support Services Contracts in place at Boise (ID), Grangeville (ID),  Burns (OR), and Missoula (MT) Interagency Dispatch Centers for transport and non-transport services.
  • Available for federally managed fires in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.
  • Fully-stocked Idaho State certified ALS ambulances capable of transport.
  • Scaleable resources for any size fire event.
  • EMTs and Paramedics that are line-qualified, licensed, Arduous  Work Capacity Tested, and holding current Red Cards.
  • 24/7 online medical control.
  • Registered with SAM, VIPR, and IPP.
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Injury Care EMS Federally Managed Wildfires and Disasters

  • Chetco Bar Fire 2017
  • Rim Fire (Oregon & Washington) 2017
  • Umpqua North Fire 2017
  • Whitewater Fire 2017
  • Bear Butte Fire 2017
  • Cinder Butte Fire 2017
  • Pioneer Fire 2016
  • Mile Marker 14/Hwy 21 Fire 2016
  • Soda Springs Fire 2015
  • Teepee Springs Fire 2015
  • Mack Fire 2014
  • Whiskey Complex Fires 2014
  • Freeze Out Ridge Fire 2014
  • Nez Perce Fire 2013
  • Beaver Creek Fire 2013
  • Pony Fire 2013
  • Weiser Fire 2013
  • Trinity Ridge Fire 2012
  • Trinity Ridge West Fire 2012
  • Karney Fire 2012
  • McGuire Fire 2012



Interested in working with Injury Care EMS on Wildland Fires?

 Boise BLM Wildland Fire Refresher Courses:

Other Training Links:

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